The Be staff…went to see the movie “Men in Black.” …The movie makes a point that is somehow appropriate – It is impossible to completely rid the universe of bugs, but at least you can drive something fast, arm yourself with powerful tools, and look good doing it.

– markg@be.com

  • Triggers cause GUI refresh for curses, but not for Sinatra app.

  • Transpose values >= 100 or <= 100 throw off formatting in patch window.

  • When iTerm is full-screen (command-return) and then becomes not full screen (command-return), the curses windows don’t get redrawn properly. As a workaround you can manually resize the iTerm window, which will fix the curses windows.

  • There’s no way to cancel out of a PromptWindow (file load/save).

  • Trigger and filter block text isn’t read properly when triggers or filters are created in a loop, the blocks are not indented properly, etc.

  • Need better CSS for Web site so left margin of content moves when site made bigger and LHS grows into it.

New Features

Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying NO to all but the most crucial features.

– Steve Jobs

  • Display bank number in patch window.

  • IRB code should pre-define a few variables like pm for PM::PatchMaster.instance.

  • Document song notes and reload features.

  • Finish the “Creating Triggers” and “Song List” sections of file:tutorial.org.

  • Working on Web interface using Sinatra and Swing interface for JRuby. I’ll probably concentrate on the Web interface.

  • Need a logo.

  • Add convenience methods to PM::PatchMaster (so they are available to trigger locks) for things like clamping byte values to (0..127) and limiting min/max values.

  • Windows observe contents to minimize redraws. Perhaps only need to observe PatchMaster itself?

  • Display instruments?

  • Alternate display that only shows song and patch names and little else? This might be useful during performance. Already have IRB mode.

  • Do I need to handle running bytes in Connection#midi_in, or does UniMIDI take care of that?

  • In PromptWindow, remember history and support up/down arrows, ^n, ^p.

  • Documentation for screen commands.

  • Trap signals like ^C. Don’t do work, just set flag to be handled next time through loop.

  • Remember playing notes. When move from patch to patch, make sure to send corresponding note-off messages to the original outputs on the original channels. Add 2-dimensional arrays to output instrument: channel and note number. If entry is non-nil then note is playing.

  • Programmable MIDI messages: predefined keys that send blocks of MIDI data

  • See list of features at http://jimmenard.com/projects/keymaster/, but note that many of those can be implemented via triggers and filters

  • Fill-in-the-blank messages, useful for things like sysex for displaying song and patch name. This could get sent out whenever patch changes, and could be used to display song/patch in a synth’s display, for example.